ElectroSensitivity: What is it?

Technology is all around; in fact, it’s almost inescapable for anyone living in the modern world. Cell phones, microwaves, cars, jets, computers, stereos, and other electronic devices are just some of the many electronic gadgets which all emit some degree of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF). The health degeneration caused by constant bombardment of these frequencies has been shown to be quite damaging; therefore it is a necessity to gain awareness of what EMF’s are and how to protect oneself.

Many people believe that their ill-health effects arise as a result of proximity to Powerfrequency electric and magnetic fields such as are produced by powerlines, substations, electricity distribution faults, electrical appliances in the home or workplace, house wiring, cables, cars, trains, etc. these sources, or as a result of living in the fields they generate.

Each cell within your body is like an antenna: an exquisitely sensitive receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic radiation. Each  cell phone tower emits its signal in "lobes" -- a circular "flower petal" pattern with a limited radius spreading 360 degrees around the tower. This circle of radiation around the tower is called a "cell." If you're in a cell, your phone gets good reception. If you're not, it doesn't. The antennas that broadcast the microwave signals to service your cell phone are mounted everywhere. Now add to that the more than 2,000 communications satellites ceaselessly raining down a shower of radiation on all of our heads. Thus, you are continually exposed -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- to potentially dangerous low levels of microwaves from multiple sources, and this likely includes some coming from within your own home.

EMF Warriors - This website is a useful information resource.


Special Protection System


Sometimes it is impossibly to avoid or completely shield EMF's in your place or work or in the home, in addition there are various forms of natural disturbance fields (radioactivity, geopathicalogical loadings, etc.) which are also increasing due to technical interference fields. The PSI/TP9/MN (or TP9) helps you to protect yourself against such effects. In this context, the natural background radiation (such as geomagnetic waves, for example) is still fully received, whilst technical and natural interferance fields, such as x-ray, radioactivity and geopathological disturbance zones are suppressed at fine level,
This unit requires no prior knowledge and is simple to use. It can be adapted to individual conditions by means of a selector. The instrument itself operates fully automatically. It provides suppression for a spherical volume surrounding the unit to a radius of 15 meters. When placed in a central position, in an average room sized property, of up to 3 floors, the instrument is capable of providing suppression for the whole property. Larger properties may require further TP9's to be located about the property to provide the required suppressions.

To operate, the TP9 needs to be connected to the mains power supply. If it is intended that the TP9 is used constantly or for long periods of time, we advise the use of a timer switch to switch the unit on and off at set times to allow the instrument to reset and cleans itself.


Electrosensitive: Outliers in a Wireless World - Extended Preview from Thomas Ball on Vimeo.

Electrical Hypersensitivity (ES) is an illness that is both highly controversial and little understood. The symptoms can vary a lot between sufferers, but will normally include some of the following:
  • Sleep disturbance,
  • Tiredness - abnormal tiredness, weakness
  • Warmth or burning on face, not unlike strong sunburn.
  • Skin – feels dry, prone to rashes. Irritation, skin tingling, crawling sensations
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Restlessness & irritability,
  • Concentration problems,
  • Forgetfulness,
  • Learning difficulties,
  • Frequent infections,
  • Blood pressure changes,
  • Limb and joint pains,
  • Numbness or tingling sensations,
  • Tinnitus,
  • Hearing loss,
  • Impaired balance & giddiness
  • Eye problems - difficulty in seeing, smarting, irritating sensation, pain or a “gritty” feeling.
  • Pain in teeth and jaws.

There have been reports of cardiovascular problems such as tachycardia, though these are relatively rare.
Common electrical appliances, such as televisions and computers often provoke mild to moderate symptoms in ES people[1][2]. An increase in mast cells (such as found in people suffering from allergies) have been found in people watching television[3][4][5]. Different types of lighting, especially fluorescent fixtures (including the new low-energy bulbs) are difficult for many people with ES to tolerate[6]. This has wide implications, as fluorescent lighting is used in most offices, hospitals, shopping and leisure centres. This could make these facilities very difficult for people with ES to access. Transport such as cars, trains, planes, trams all contain equipment that give off levels of EMFs that sensitive people may find hard to tolerate.

If you live in an environment in which there are multiple sources of EMFs, you are more likely to become electrosensitive. There are numerous studies linking electromagnetic sensitivity and other diseases to living near or with EMF-producing technology continuously for a number of years.
Cell Towers: There are many studies correlating cell towers with a variety of diseases. One conducted by R. Santini, et al in 2003, in Rennes, France found that people living within 300 meters of cell antennas reported the following disorders: “fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, visual disruptions, irritability, hearing disruptions, skin problems, cardiovascular disorder and dizziness.

Power Lines: There is also a large number of studies that link living near power lines with numerous diseases, including cancer. In 2008, R.M. Lowenthal in Hobart, Australia, conducted a research study focusing on the incidence of cancer and exposure to high power lines. Results showed that the risk of developing cancer increased by 106% for people who lived within 50 meters of a power line, as compared to those who lived 300 meters away. 

Cell Phones: Cell phone usage has increased exponentially over the last few years, and so have the studies finding an important link to ES symptoms and other serious diseases. There are studies, in particular, on headaches, such as the one by A.H. Frey in which he found that headaches are caused when EMFs damage the blood-brain barrier and that the dopamine-opiate systems of the brain are also affected by EMFs, causing headaches.
A comprehensive report on the health effects of EMFs is found in the Bioinitiative Report of 2012, which outlines in detail the many studies that correlate ES symptoms and other serious diseases

SMART Meters: Say no to these dangerous devices.  Click the website link below. also see this site showing the insidious nature of SMART devices and their ability to spy on you. 

It is unknown what exactly triggers electrical sensitivity, though a number of possibilities (such as VDUs, heavy metal toxicity, fluorescent lighting, mobile phones or mobile phone masts, or by chemical exposure such as a damp proof course installation, garden or farm sprays, cavity wall insulation, etc) have been suggested. More and more evidence is starting to question the safety of mobile phones and wi-fi devices and in some countries masts are being dismantled if they are near to schools because of the concern over the health impact of this radiation.

On another level the subtle fields of the body are being afected in ways that we just don't understand. This fascinating video interview discusses the effects of E-M radiation on our deeper consciousness, energy fields , chakras and auras. 



Sensitive dowswers using copper rods or other devices can detect the electromagnetic field of the body.  They see huge differences in the auras of healthy and unhealthy people. Those same changes are now being seen in people, exposed to E-M radiation due to their high E-M exposure from wi-fi technology or mobile phone usage. The following video shows changes to the aura detected by an experienced dowser in someone exposed to E-M radiation.


What you can do

Electromagnetic waves are made from the movement of electrically charged particles. These electromagnetic waves are known as ‘electromagnetic radiation’ because they radiate from those electrically charged particles. In a typical environment, they can go through air, empty space, and most other substances. The book “Earthing” by Clinton Ober clues more in on why the human vessel can be in jeopardy living amidst all these waves, but in essence, abnormal disconnection from the Earth’s surface makes one more susceptible, and in the long term it seems EMF rays can cause health havoc.

Studies have listed the following as possible effect from EMF’s: mood disorders, cancer clusters in places with high voltage power lines, allergies, stress, and fatigue. Evidence points to the supported conclusion that this radiation is very harmful.

Recent findings also show that electromagnetic frequencies emitted from cell phones can cause or speed tumors in the head. While it has not been thoroughly studied, more signs show that that EMF’s may be linked with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The Cleveland clinic even announced that cell phone radiation is linked with lower sperm.

The health implications are many, but there are a variety of ways you can protect yourself and family from EMF waves.

1. Ground on Earth

Until the last couple hundred of years, humans primarily walked barefoot and were outdoors most of the day. It is a fact that an actual energetic grounding occurs when one has contact on natural surfaces, even to a point where harmful EMF can travel over the body. It’s shown that through earth connection, one becomes more alkaline, less stressed, and has improved immune system, among other benefits.

If you work in an office space in the concrete jungle of the city, make an effort to have natural plants indoors, spend a portion of your free time at home outside or on the grass during breaks, and make an effort to walk barefoot when possible and get plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

2. Wear an EMF blocking pendant

New technologies – some sketchy, some very reliable – have emerged as alternative means to protect from damaging EMF’s. Quantum Balance necklaces are one example, alternative and attractive pendants which are shown to shield one from the majority of frequencies. Research for one that suits your personal needs.

3. Protect your Home

You can find a bio-electric shield for your home or apartment, somewhat of a necessity especially if you are in range of neighbor’s Wi-Fi or own many electrical appliances. Brands vary, but search for a reliable, well-tested, and scientifically backed energy neutralizer.

4. Unplug appliances

Besides wasting energy, electronics when plugged in emit higher EMF’s. Coffee pot, curling iron, microwave, printer, computer, etc…, if it’s not in use, save energy and curb the damage you may be doing to yourself.

5. Safeguard your Bedroom

Keep your bedroom clear from as many electrical conveniences as possible. Never leave your laptop around your sleeping area; within 3 feet of your head, EMF emitting technologies can interfere with your sleep and inhibit your regenerative patterns through the night.

6. Laptop Risks

Cozying up on the couch with your laptop may seem convenient, but it is not recommended. Laptops emit the strongest frequency when plugged in and charging (when the battery is closest to your hands), so work away from its charger and avoid using the computer on your lap. Whenever possible, strive to avoid working directly on a laptop computer by plugging in a secondary keyboard and mouse to help lessen your exposure (this is especially helpful if you are working on your laptop for extended periods of time).

7. Avoid installing Wi-Fi in your home

In October of 2007, the German government advised its public to avoid using wi-fi because of the possible health risk they pose. Strong waves from Wi-Fi, which emit electromagnetic radiation even when they aren’t in use, can be curbed by avoiding the installation of cord-free internet. Use the free internet at the cafe down the street instead and save some money while you’re at it.

8. Ban Blue-tooth Headsets

When using a cell phone, use the speaker or headphones. Do not use a Blue-tooth wireless headset: combined with the phone, it can exceed even the current inadequate safety limits.

9. Lighting

The lights you install at home can also make a difference. Avoid installing low-voltage (12 volt) halogen, fluorescent tube and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). Virtually all of these energy efficient technologies can throw a nasty EMF from their ballast or transformer. They also create ‘dirty electricity’ (high frequency radiation that emanates from your home’s wiring).

10. Don’t Wear Your Phone like a Beeper

A better place for your phone is in your backpack, purse, or briefcase; electromagnetic radiation diminishes rapidly beyond 3 feet, making it a safer option. A cell phone is relatively neutral to carry on your person if in ‘flight’ mode or ‘off line; however, if that is not an option, favor keeping the keypad positioned towards your body and the battery facing outward. Another tip is to exchange the side of your head you normally talk on with the phone.

You may not be able to escape from technological tools which, let’s face it, have transformed modern day living substantially, but you can alter the degree of electromagnetic radiation which targets your body. Utilizing the above tips, you can safeguard your health and future in a subtle, but surely important, way.

The best way to mitigate symptoms if you suffer from ES is to avoid exposure to them. Don't use a mobile or cordless phone, don't use WiFi, and avoid public areas that offer Wireless access. However, even then, it can be difficult to know exactly what you are exposed to from other sources, including in your own home. There are a number of further measures that can be taken to help identify and reduce your exposure, such as detectors that can display exposure to sources of electromagnetic fields, and shielding materials that can either block or reflect the fields, enabling you to have a very low EMF home environment.

As a matter of urgency go to this site https://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/ (click the link) and stop your energy company fitting a Smart Meter.  It is very easy do do from the site - just pop your details in and click submit: an e-mail will be sent to every energy company insisting that you don't want one of these things fitted. Alternatively the letter can be downloaded and posted to your energy company.  It is advisable to do this anyway in addition to the above. The site has a lot of information about the dangers to us all from these powerful transmitters they want to fit in every home.

EMFs at home: Most EMF exposure comes from buried electrical wiring and appliances. In the average home, EMFs range from 0.01 to 0.2 µT. Experts advise that the places to watch out for are where you spend the most time - for most people, this is in bed.

Attend to your health: I see many clients who are affected by ES and the treatment I provide helps balance the subtle energies, chakras and the aura. Contact me and arrange a consultation or if you are too far away I can do a distant analysis using the dowsing faculty and radionic instrumentation. 

The EMF Alliance is a great source of information.
Mercola on EMF damage
ESD Journal



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