The CopenLabs CARE ND Unit

This is the beautifully designed and built CopenLabs CARE ND unit, nicely crafted in mahogany encasement has every feature you would want in a radionic instrument and remedy maker.

CARE ND is the most advanced powerful radionic system of its type in a small case 30L x 10W x 14H centimeters  Weight: 2kg  The CARE ND may be connected to any Windows computer and comes with a Windows 8 laptop with the CARE program installed.

The CARE ND is the computer-supported Radionic system of the CopenLab range of instruments. The unit works with the CARE C11 radionic software package.

The CARE ND consists of a master unit and the CARE software ready loaded onto a laptop computer. The master unit and the CARE software work interactively to give the most advanced and extensive features in any system of it's kind. Based on earlier developments by CopenLabs this fully computerized system has been improved on with an extensive range of new features.

With CopenLabs CARE ND There is a vast capacity to do simultaneous and perpetual broadcasting of up to 1000 clients. This means you can be broadcasting to all your clients different program's 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. This is possible as the unit has AUTO MONITORING of each broadcast. This means that all rates are continually being checked for their balancing effect and ones that have done their job are automatically discontinued or added as the clients situation changes.

There is a huge capacity to manage and expand the database with great new search facilities such as the ability to specifically search rates realted to a particular condition: for example - type 'common cold' and you can get all the balancing rates for that disease, analyze them or broadcast them all, you have control.

On-going development: There is a separate part of the program called 'Beta' which is the part which is continually expanding as new research allows. presently it has a brilliant facility which means you can pull up systems and locations of the body - you can choose a body template, say skeletal as shown on the pdf, you can mark individual structures where problems lie and choose a remedy program to focus it on the areas you have selected. say the bones or joints you have selected. You can even save the program as a formula remedy to be stored in the database to be used for future analysis or broadcasts.

There is a button that allows any rates you have selected in a tested or a manually chosen list to be automatically compensated ready for broadcast or remedy manufacture. There is also an AUTOSIMILE button that obtains the homeopathic simile of the client and adds it to any tested for, or chosen list. For generating rates there are three separate systems 1) from text 2) a special facility for affirmations 3) scanned from input cup.

Free software updates: The CARE system has vast capacity and one that is continually expanding without leaving its users behind as new research brings advancements. You would always have access to the latest software.


Radionics (Scalar waves) Diagnostic

Radionic analysis is performed based on a specimen or an “ID” from a patient. This specimen is placed in the radionics device, the analysis of the input data is computerized (scan) and finally off-set (compared) with the pre-recorded information (in data base). Based on a score system the higher the score the more probable is that that specific health condition is true for the checked subject. The scores are shown either in form of numbers from 1 to 10 or as percentages from 0% to 100%. All these evaluations are calculated in accordance with the probability mathematics; living beings are very complex and thus only probabilistic algorithms can be applied due to the infinite large number of cells and cellular processes per unit of time.

In the case of automatic testing with the Software, the patient’s sample is firstly digitized, i.e. the radiation from the patient’s sample is recorded for 10 seconds, converted into a binary code system and stored in the computer. Consequently, a so-called ‘template’ is selected from a list. This ‘template’ determines which rates should be tested. Should the respiratory tract of the patient be tested, only the rates relevant to the respiratory tract are being considered. This concept has the advantage of providing clear test results. The user may of course, change the ‘templates’ individually or create them anew. Once the ‘template’ has been selected, the push of a button is enough to obtain, in a few seconds, the results. These results can be stored for future control measurements and printed out. The appropriate homoeopathic remedy and corresponding most suitable potency are determined within seconds.

There are many features I have not covered but I have tried to summarize some of the great features that are unique to the CARE system. By comparison with other digital radionic systems (some charging many times the cost of the CARE ND) you will see that the CARE has HUGE ADVANTAGES over any of its rivals. Payment is by safe and secure PayPal so order now with 100% confidence. The cost is HALF that of the MARS III at just $7,500.00 ($100.00 shipping) The price is honest and upfront and it is as you see proudly announced and not hidden away (like many radionics manufacturers do) so you have to phone up and ask or made arrange a demonstration followed by a figure like a telephone number presented to you as the price. I hope to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision to purchase the CARE system.
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