Holistic Therapy Practice

I am a qualified nurse with professional qualifications in a range of therapies and over 25 years experience in alternative & complementary medicine. I have just relocated to NERJA, Costa del Sol, Spain from the UK. I am in the process of setting up my holistic therapy centre at El Zoco, next to the Sports stadium. Estimated opening Summer 2018.

The holistic approaches I use are perceived as very pleasant - facilitating a deep state of relaxation. My particular interest is in treating the emotional/psychological causes that underlie illness.

I can offer you a truly holistic service and a therapy program based on your unique requirements. I specialize in subtle energy healing that uses waveform and frequency.

If you have a medical condition you must be under the care of a conventional health care practitioner. I am not making claims that my therapies are a cure for any medical condition.

Therapy Services

  • Homeopathy: A natural drug-free approach that uses the principle of 'like-cures-like' to stimulate the process of natural healing from within. Remedies are free of side effects.
  • Acupuncture
  • AcuTENS: A needle free electro-acupuncture method that uses painless electronic impulses and electromagnetic fields to balance the acupuncture meridians. 
  • Bioresonance: A way of naturally healing the body with it's own energy directed back to the client in a modified form. Allergens and addictive substances are often used in this approach: Also see Bioresonance Anti Nicotine Therapy.
  • The Subtle Energy Healing Mat: Uses a combination of crystals, magnets and sacred geometry to balance the subtle energy systems of the body, promote deep relaxation based on the work of L. Eeman with 'biocircuits'.
  • Radionics: Subtle energy analysis and distant healing.
  • Relaxation therapy: Uses a combination of the above approaches within a relaxation session that will leave you deeply relaxed and serene. 
  • Kirlian photography: An electrographic image taken of the hand, fingertips and feet showing electrical patterns that are cross referenced with the  acupuncture meridians.
  • Aromatherapy massage: Essential oils are used which penetrate the skin.
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CopenLabs Radionic Instruments - For Practitioners and Home Use

This site hosts the official website for CopenLabs Radionic Instruments.
Practitioners, find out now how Copenlabs radionic instruments can vastly increase the range of therapies you can deliver.
Discover the vast capacity of digital radionics with the CopenLabs CARE C11 Radionic Software integrated with the CARE ND, MK/12 or ASLD units
There is also a facebook group which is full of information for anyone interested in this topic. It is particualrly useful for complementary therapists who use or are thinking of using CopenLabs instruments in their practice because we can all share our clinical knowledge and experience with each other.


Acu-TENS Training (Formerly Electrostimulation Therapy or EST)

I offer an accredited training course in Acu-TENS Therapy (needle free acupuncture) to therapists, drug & alcohol workers, support workers and health care professionals. 

The basic two-day course includes all the basic skills to become an Acu-TENS therapist and is targeted at those therapists who deal with stress and stress related conditions such as addictions; where it has affectionately become known as "the Black Box Treatment". Find out more about Acu-TENS training here.
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