Relaxation Therapy

Healing & relaxation therapy 

Any arrangement which connects polar opposites of the body by means of electrical conductors is referred to as a “relaxation circuit”. The relaxation circuit automatically promotes deep, profound relaxation. It fosters recovery from fatigue and disease, capacity for work and health in general.

I use a Metatron mat system which goes far beyond the above principles as it's conductiveVesica grids are formed in the geometric pattern of the Vesica Pisces which is a diamond shape that is found in a flower and all sacred, natural geometric reality.

The etheric field is the mind, body and emotions manifested in their heavenly form, as a unified reality known as the principle of life or God. The Metatron mat applies the sacred geometric proportions of the Vesica Pisces together with an electromagnetic field and crystal resonance. The approach combines magentic healing, crystal healing and spiritual healing together in one therapy.

Sacred geometry is built into the design of the mat. A series of these diamonds make up a larger diamond and they are all connected together by a copper grid. At each point where these diamonds connect together there is a magnet. Its 91 rare earth neodymium magnets connects to the vibration of the earth. At the four corners and in the centre of the grid are quartz discs etched with the sacred Metatron symbol. 

There is a natural resonance with the meridians and natural magnetic auric field of the body: the effect is to balance all the meridian and chakric energy. The healing mat is used as a system with two hand held sacred geometric crystal formations that connect to either side of the mat via wires. Using the mat in this way allows your body to be more connected in a balanced way to the magnetic field and healing energy in your hands, helping a person to literally heal themselves while experiencing deep relaxation.

To enhance the experience it is advised that meditation music is played softly which is produced in the Buddhist tradition using chants, bells and chimes, although this is optional. It is said that these ancient prayers and invocations greatly enhance the transmission of the healing energy. Some people feel the energy as heat, tingling or a feeling of the illness being drawn out of the body.

In addition I use the healing mat in perfect association with my homeopathic principles. Remedy disc Flower, gem essences and homeopathic remedies matched to your individual requirements are placed on a gold plated disc and a quartz crystal etched with the symbol of Metatron: this is plugged into the grid via a wire that is connected magnetically to the base of the grid within the healing mat. In this way any flower, gem essence or homeopathic remedy placed on the plate transfers energetically through the mat.

The therapy induces a profound level of deep relaxation very like deep meditation: a state whereby the body is able to heal itself.
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