Bioresonance Anti-Nicotine Therapy

Do you want to just switch the craving off?

Like most smokers you probably wish you’d never started, and long for that time before the nicotine monster got you in its grip. Well, help is at hand. The Full Smoking Bioresonance Treatment at Holistic Therapy Practice can actually transport your system back to the time when you were a non-smoker. 

The treatment consists of a single session utilizing a Bioresonance machine to effectively counter nicotine cravings by switching off the trigger mechanisms in your brain. Using this technology it’s actually possible to eliminate your need to feed the nicotine habit. The craving signal is 'switched off': totally eliminated from your system.

The testimony of one Anti-nicotine Bioresonance client:

 ” I was a hardened smoker, smoking 40 a day and have been smoking for 30 years. I saw the treatment on the Richard & Judy show and when I saw there was now a clinic in South Wales thought it was worth a go. Previous methods I had  tried had failed and I really wanted to quit for health reasons. I’m baffled, but after only one treatment I don’t need a cigarette and have no compulsion to have a cigarette. I can’t explain it, but the addiction has gone, I haven’t had one craving since I walked out of the clinic and even being around other smokers doesn’t worry me. Its a huge relief not to have the addiction hanging over me”

News article about the effects of Bioresonance after ONE treatment

A session may cost you £600 in Harley Street. I charge just £85.00 

Bioresonance news report

I want to receive Bioresonance Therapy and be free of nicotine's 'hold'. What do I do now?

  • Simply contact me to make an appointment: You may use the contact page or call me on 0151 480 6350
  • You will receive a Paypal e-mail link that will enable you to pay with any credit or debit card
  • You will receive a telephone call or e-mail to book your session
  • Prepare for a smoke-free home

What to do prior to your session

Your therapy will be more successful if you observe the following recommendations:
  • Three to four days before starting the treatment drink at least 2 liters of water, for example filtered or bottled water. Good hydration is necessary to facilitate passing the electromagnetic signals to the cells. That way, your cells and your body in general will be able to receive the info-energetic impulses coming from the device, eliminating the toxins from the body in a safe and efficient way.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine three to four days before the session.
  • Try not to smoke on the day of the session but bring the last cigarette you will ever smoke with you as you need to smoke it at a specific stage of the treatment process.
  • On the day of the therapy session continue to avoid caffeine, peppermint tea, alcohol, anti-inflammatory medications including aspirin (unless otherwise directed by your doctor).
  • Avoid having a substantial meal just before the therapy session

What to do after the therapy

Afterwards you won’t actually feel any differently. You just won’t find yourself thinking about cigarettes. You are advised to drink extra water for the next few days to help rid your body of nicotine toxins quickly and effectively.  You also need to avoid high exposure to passive smoke for the first couple of weeks as your body makes the necessary changes that will help avoid relapse. You will be given a magnetically imprinted remedy to enhance the new frequencies introduced into your body during the session, you should continue to take these twice a day.

What is the cost?

Only £85.00 which represents fantastic value; an amount you will make up in a few weeks and then imagine the savings you will make.  The fee includes a remedy, imprinted with the bioresonance frequencies to take twice per day following the session to concentrate the effect in your body

Cautions: Not indicated during pregnancy

How does it work?

MORA therapy or as it has more recently become known, Bioresonance Therapy, cancels nicotine’s hold on your body. The energy pattern of nicotine is inverted by the Bioresonance machine and passed to the body via electrodes producing an energetic phase cancellation. This means that the electromagnetic charge of nicotine toxicity is eliminated. Nicotine has an electromagnetic charge or 'signal' which stimulates areas within the brain giving you the craving to smoke. Once the nicotine energy signal is 'phase cancelled' with an inverted waveform, your body becomes "in charge”, in other words it becomes easier for the body to completely eliminate the nicotine within 24 hours. It’s as if the nicotine signal is no longer in your body, and with no nicotine stimulus in your body you no longer have any cravings.

80% success rate after just one session.
  • The most successful drug free way to stop smoking.
  • Eliminates nicotine toxins
  • Fee includes MORA frequency imprinted remedy to boost effects following session
  • Fee includes a second session if necessary in case of relapse
Nicotine is such an addictive substance. It's addictiveness equates with that of heroin. No wonder may people are unable to stop without some help.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can anyone who is a smoker do the therapy?
A: Yes, it doesn’t matter how many or for how long you have smoked. It is not suitable if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have a pacemaker.
Q: Are there any side effects?
A: Due to the detoxification process you may feel fatigue, dizziness, a headache or nausea for a few days following the treatment, these can be prevented or kept to a minimum by drinking enough water.
Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: Usually 1 or 2 treatments. If your desire for a cigarette has gone after the first treatment then you do not need a second treatment, but this varies in each individual and some may need a second or third treatment.
Q: If its such a great treatment, why haven’t I heard of it before?
A: It is relatively new to this country, but has been in Europe for over 30 years.
Q: How do I make an appointment?
A: Please call our clinic 0151 480 6350 or use my contact page.
Q: Is it guaranteed?
A: No. Sorry, although we are very proud of our success we cannot guarantee that bioresonance will work for all smokers as no cessation aid on the market has a 100% success rate. Therefore we cannot offer a return of money.
Please be prepared to address the habit of smoking. It is very easy to pick up a cigarette without thinking, this is why we advise not to keep any cigarettes after your treatment.
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