Electro Therapy Equipment

Central to any effective therapy is good quality therapy equipment with the correct specifications for the job. That is why the CLASSIC4 electrostimulator unit is used for the EST protocols taught by HTP-Training Services.

The CLASSIC4 is a professional electro therapy unit for use in electro-acupuncture or acupuncture related techniques such as TENS type treatment or needle free acupuncture methods such as EST, E-Stim, NET ect.

The CLASSIC4 basic kit includes:

x1 CLASSIC4 four channel electrostimulator with 2mm pin leads
x1 High quality two-pole ear clip for treating many different auricular acupoints
x1 pair of ear clips for treating points in the helix
x1 pair of SP6 ankle treatment clips
x1 pair of conductive rubber TENS type electrodes
x2 pairs of self adhesive washable gel electrodes
x1 pen type electrode for ear points
x1 pair of conductive silicon ergonomic hand electrodes
x1 pair of silicon strips for treating nail points of meridians
x1 pair of croc clip adapters
x1 mains adapter

BASIC CLASSIC4 KIT - PRICE: 789.00 Inclusive 

Please Contact for international postage fees

Optional extra's

x1 high power battery
x1 charger for above

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