Acu-TENS Training, Formerly Electrostimulation Therapy (EST)

Acu-TENS is the application of pulsed electrical stimulation via acupuncture points and the meridian system. It has been known under various guises and has been known as The Equinox System, Biophysical Solutions, EST and even Black Box Treatment.

Acu-TENS is quite simply, Electro Acupuncture without needles.

Eligible for Acu-TENS training are: Complementary Therapists, Drug & Alcohol Workers, Support Workers and Health Care Professionals. The two-day course includes all the basic skills for Acu-TENS and is targeted at those therapists who deal with stress and stress related conditions such as addictions; where it has affectionately become known as "the Black Box Treatment". The picture shows the latest students receiving their certificates.

Rodney Robinson the originator of the Acu-TENS method for drug and alcohol addiction is now offering Acu-TENS training for:
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Drug & Alcohol Workers
  • Complementary Therapy Practitioners

Practical Acu-TENS training to gain new clinical skills or improve old ones. The original "Black Box Training".

Why use HTP - Training Services?

  • How to use the latest advanced therapy equipment
  • Updated treatment protocols with additional auricular points
  • How to treat acupuncture points and meridians
  • How to use frequency windows
  • How to treat a wide range of problems
  • How to administer the addiction treatment protocols
  • How to give relaxation therapy
  • How to administer auricular treatment
  • Learn from Rodney Robinson, the originator of the EST technique
  • 25 years experience of biophysical therapy development, practice and training
  • Bespoke training for problems and conditions that you deal with.
  • Practitioner modules available for qualified therapists
  • Ongoing Support

Learn in a relaxed informal approach where you can learn by doing as there is no substitute for getting 'hands on'.  The course is very practical with a minimum of technical content and language.  Easy every-day language is used to explain any technical terms that may be new to you. 

For 1-4 persons I can accommodate your training in Huyton, Liverpool.

Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists
All therapists trained on this Acu-TENS course are eligible to become members of The Federation of Holistic Therapists. Any delegates wishing to apply for FHT membership will need to ring 023 8062 4350  and discuss the options with one of their Membership and Insurance advisers and mention this training school.

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New EST Unit - The CLASSIC4

Announcing the arrival of the CLASSIC 4 treatment unit for EST and Electro acupuncture. Featuring a host of advanced features to improve treatment outcomes.
  • New CLASSIC4 protocols
  • Advanced equipment designed specifically for the Acu-TENS method by the originator of the technique.
  • An opportunity to train with the originator of the Acu-TENS method
Biophysical Medicine - The biophysical approach to medicine uses the biophysical properties of the body, that is to say, the electrical, electromagnetic or subtle energy aspects of the body: Acupuncture meridians are one such example of a system of circulating energy quite apart from that of the blood, lymph or nervous system. Acu-TENS uses low amplitude electrical pulses to correct the activity of meridian channels to restore health. 

Using Acu-TENS the acupuncture system is manipulated but without using needles or piercing the skin.  Surface electrodes are used over acupuncture points in place of needles.  It can be accurately described as electroacupuncture without needles.

Central to any successful Biophysical treatment is the quality of the equipment and the ability to precisely and accurately control the pulse parameters such as waveform and frequency.  For this reason therapy units have always been designed specifically for the method of EST. No TENS units have ever been used or recommended for Acu-TENS use although there are several copycat courses using this type of inferior equipment. The Classic4 is the only electro-stimulation unit currently recommended for Acu-TENS and used in the original Acu-TENS training courses.
  • Acu-TENS Training in small groups or one-to-one training at your own clinic.
  • Practitioner training for qualified therapists
  • Bespoke training with modular content to meet your individual needs.
  • Two-day Acu-TENS for stress & addiction protocols (using old AAA-401 or new Classic 4 units).
  • One-day refresher courses for drug and alcohol workers.
Learn new clinical skills that produce results better than needle-only acupuncture

Acu-TENS Addiction treatment protocols are now established in many clinics and support centres throughout the UK.

Limited Offer on Reconditioned Professional AAA-401 Therapy Kits

I can presently offer a limited number of previously owned reconditioned AAA-401 unit kits at a low price when ordered with Acu-TENS training. This is a limted offer on a first come first served basis: when they're gone, they're gone.
  • With delux accessories - £310.00 (shown)
  • With standard accessories - £250.00
Please contact me for more information.

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2014 fees: Two-day course: £375.00 per head.
Venue: Huyton, Liverpool.
Own venue can be arranged for a group.
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