Chemtrails or Contrails?

Have you ever seen those long smoke-lines in the sky and wondered what they are? Some may be jet vapour contrails, but others are known as chemtrails. Most of the population doesn’t know, but these trails, are maintained by some sources to be loaded with heavy metals that have been measured in the water and air at several different worldwide locations, which, if true would actually pose a threat to your health.

Contrails are the result of jet engine vapours condensing into tiny ice particles at high altitude. They are usually not very dense and evaporate quickly. It has been questioned how, if they are just condensation vapours, they may extend from one side of the sky to the other and are dense enough and linger, often from horizon to horizon, sometimes widening to form streaky clouds.

There are various theories such as; they’re being sprayed as part of a geoengineering effort to slow down global warming; or they’re conducting military drills with releasing streams of metallic particulates to confuse radar.

After looking into chemtrails for yourself, ask anyone to look up if you see them and watch them go into denial as well. Sometimes both contrails and chemtrails appear simultaneously, making it easier to differentiate. So if we now accept that they exist, it’s important to recognize the potential dangers of chemtrails.

Readings taken after chemtrail episodes from air traps, water traps, ground and snow samples vary slightly from location to location, but they usually contain small particulates or nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, strontium, and sometimes ethylene dibromide or EDB, often called dibromoethane, an EPA banned fuel additive. Consider that these particulates fan out at high altitudes and fall onto the ground invisibly, affecting foliage, forests, crops, rivers and lakes, animals, and humans. Many aware conservationists and environmentalists are aware of the chemtrail damage to our biosphere.

Breathing nanoparticles of toxic metals into the lungs bypasses our primary immune system’s defenses. These substances make their way into the blood directly from the lung’s capillaries. And aluminium gets through the blood-brain barrier. Just a couple of years ago in Arizona USA,certified medical blood test documents from seriously ill Arizonians were sent them to various State and Federal elected officials demanding an investigation. The blood sample documents showed extremely high amounts of either barium or aluminium or both. None of those people worked or had worked with hazardous materials containing those items. Some were retired.

Barium can be linked to multiple diseases including respiratory diseases and aluminium to neurological afflictions. If you suffer fro repeated vague unexplained tiredness or respiratory infections, irritations sinusitis etc. it may be worth looking out for and making a log of days that you see extensive chemtrail activity in the sky above where you live and then logging the onset of symptoms. I have done this and noted there is a 4 day lapse between seeing the chemtrail activity and getting the 'cold' symptoms.

Even if you’re not directly affected by these nanoparticles from chemtrails, your immune system is adversely affected and forced to work overtime with yet more environmental and food pollutants and toxins, leaving you more prone to infectious and autoimmune diseases. And in any case, if the soil is affected (which it is) you are affected. There are many groups and individuals doing what they can to bring awareness to government agencies. But this operation’s lid is sealed.

If you’re new to this and curious, start checking out those jet trails and notice the difference between contrails and chemtrails. You can Google chemtrails, aerosol spraying, or geoengineering for more resources and sites with photos and videos. Try to sidestep the usual debunking shills and trolls, but without disregarding all the information. It’s important to look at everything from multiple angles to get a better understanding. The following video is well worth watching as it brings together so many aspects of the mystery. The conclusion is quite disturbing


Protecting Yourself

Despite all the efforts of individuals and small groups as well as documentaries, nothing gets done about this toxic elephant in the sky. So you have to protect yourself by detoxing often.
Adequate hydration is necessary and there are other ways to remove heavy metals from the body, including professional chelation and do-it-yourself solutions.

Heavy metals can do significant damage to the body. Historically, they’ve been used as “an instrument of murder” (in the case of arsenic) and instruments of war. But most people who are exposed to heavy metals in today’s times are through their food, water, vaccines, or the air around them. The good news is that there are natural ways to chelate heavy metals from your body.

In high amounts, heavy metal toxicity can cause numerous symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and even death. In lower amounts toxicity from lead or mercury, for example, can have much subtler effects. In either case, however, ridding the body of these harmful metals is important. Removal of heavy metals from the body is known as chelation. This word actually comes from the Greek word “claw” and was used because early practitioners saw substances that they believed grabbed a hold of the metals and carried them out of the body through the digestive system. The term stuck.

Fortunately, there are foods with natural chelation properties. In cases of minor exposure, you don’t need to spend a fortune on prescriptions or even supplements in order to restore optimal health. The following are natural heavy metal chelating agents.

Amino Acids: Amino acids are great at removing metals from the body – so good for meat eaters. These proteins are found in eggs and fish, among other things, and can work to increase liver health and balance enzyme production.

Cilantro: Cilantro is just one super-herb that can effectively remove heavy metals (aluminium, mercury, and lead in particular) – in only two weeks. Also, because these metals can damper the immune system, cilantro is also recognized as an immune-booster.

Brazil Nuts: Not necessarily a chelation food, Brazil nuts actually work to restore the good minerals, like selenium and zinc, that may be lost in the chelation process.

Onions and garlic: The sulfur in onions and garlic can also work to eliminate heavy metals. Along with these, things like eggs, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage also have high sulfur content.

Chlorella. The superfood known as chlorella can serve as a mild chelation-helper. You can find it in supplement form or as a powder to add to various dishes.

Food grade activated charcoal is yet another detox agent that can be used.
Homeopathic liver support and desensitisation regimes may also be considered.

Chembusters: Consider also the information contained on my Orgonite page outlining Reich's work on Cloubusters later further developed into what are known as Chembusters. These are devices that are said to generate a vortex of subtle energy which has a powerful clearing action on chemtrails. They are made from copper tubes set in orgonite and are available at CHEM-BUSTERS.COM

Silica Eliminates Aluminum Toxicity

Silica is sometimes called the beauty mineral because it improves skin elasticity and hair and nail growth. Lately a few other more important aspects of silica have been explored, and the mineral is gaining notice for these important functions.  One of these functions is the detoxification of heavy metals – especially aluminum toxicity.

Silica helps ensure collagen elasticity of all connecting tissues in the body, including tendons and cartilage. This reduces aches and pains and maintains the body’s flexibility. And it has been determined lately that high levels of silica in blood serum keep arterial plaque from building and clogging blood vessels.

The main culprit for plaque has recently shifted from cholesterol buildup to calcification from calcium buildup in blood when that calcium is not absorbed as bone matter. It has long been known that silica is an important part of building bone matter. Without it, calcium goes elsewhere to potentially calcify in the soft tissue of inner artery walls.

So silica is vital for keeping strong bones and a healthy cardiovascular system. This qualifies silica as a vital essential anti-aging mineral that is much more than skin deep. Silica for detoxing heavy metals – especially aluminum toxicity

Even PubMed acknowledges silicic acid as an antidote for aluminum toxicity and a detox agent for heavy metals. Both brain tissue calcification and aluminum toxicity are linked to Alzheimer’s disease. So silica can be supplemented to help prevent yet another aspect of aging, dementia.

Obviously it can also be used as an adjunct with any other natural Alzheimer’s treatment, such as pure cold pressed coconut oil and niacin.

Aluminum (Al) is passed out through the urine when one supplements silica. It seems there’s little danger of taking too much, as long as adequate water is consumed and vitamin B1 and potassium levels are maintained.

There is no shortage of toxicity from aluminum toxicity in our environment. It’s in our city water supplies, cookware, beverage containers, foil, second hand cigarette smoke, cosmetics, sunscreens, chemtrails and more. For sure it is in vaccines.
Injecting aluminum in vaccines bypasses the body’s mechanism of eliminating it, and it does cause neurological damage that can be serious sooner with reduced behavior capabilities and mental disorders, even autism, or later with Alzheimer’s and other forms of “age-related” dementia.

Aluminum accumulates in tissue that doesn’t have a rapid cellular turnover or self destruction (apoptosis) and replacement by new growth. The slow turnover tissues are contained in bone matter, the heart and the brain. The brain and its associated nervous system is where diseases such as Parkinson’s, MS, chronic fatigue and other neurological or auto-immune diseases manifest.

Dr. Chris Exley, PhD, has dedicated almost two decades of his scientific life to researching aluminum toxicity. He calls the period from the early 20th Century to now the Age of Aluminum. Before then aluminum remained in the ground and hadn’t yet been mined. Exley claims mining aluminum and using it in so many ways is linked to the marked increase of neurological diseases during this period. He recommends a couple of pricey mineral waters high in silica (silicic acid) that better health food stores carry, called Volvic and Spritzer (unflavored only). There may be similar water high in silicic acid with a different brand name, so ask if you’re looking for one. Dr. Exley claims highly positive results occur with vaccine injured children drinking water high in silcic acid, enabling the aluminum to be passed through the urine. But there are other good silica sources as well.

Silica sources

Aloe is a good a good source of silica. But it’s not too easy to find a pure aloe juice that hasn’t been processed. Horsetail is an excellent and inexpensive herbal source of silica.

Horsetail Herb has been around for centuries, and mostly forgotten until recent research attention uncovered more attributes. Until then, horsetail was used mostly as a diuretic or treatment for kidney stones. Horsetail’s silica is enough to help with mineral deficiencies and aluminum toxicity. You can make your own horsetail tinctures or extracts too.

Supplements that are formulated for silica intake are worth looking into. Foods that help keep your silica levels high are: Unrefined whole grains such as rye, barley, oats, and wheat. Alfalfa sprouts, nuts, and other seeds will all boost your silica levels.
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