The Practitioner

I am a qualified nurse and a holistic practitioner with over 20 years experience. I am the originator of the ''black box'' biophysical therapy system that is used in many addiction centres throughout the UK. This is a form of electro stimulation therapy often described as needle free acupuncture. 

I appeared on the ‘Richard & Judy show’ with one of my clients who had detoxified from prescribed tranquillizers using this system, and on 'The Time The Place' (the program was about therapies used by cancer sufferers) with one of my patients who had used the therapy for pain relief. 

Therapeutic protocols of my own design using 'frequency specific pulsed electrical stimulation' are now well-used and accepted in stress & addiction clinics throughout the UK. I continue to design and run practitioner courses in needle free electro acupuncture for health care professionals, qualified therapists and addiction workers. I am committed to provide training for drug treatment organisations so that access to this type of treatment may be increased.

I am listed in the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Why did I become a holistic practitioner?

I get asked this question so often I thought it would be a good idea to give some more background by way of an answer.

As a nurse I witnessed so much disease and suffering that conventional medicine was unable to help. I felt that so much more could be done to help support the body to heal itself. I also felt that by living closer to 'natures laws' we could prevent a lot of disease from occurring in the first place. With a little research (now made so much easier by the internet), I found details of many little known pioneers who, by trying new and sometimes unusual methods reported good results in very difficult cases. Their work often cost them their career and their health as they suffered ridicule and scorn, as unfortunately we continue to do today. However people are at the moment free to make up their own minds and give something that "just can't possibly work" a try.

You will see many hot tempered debates in the media and stoked up by the so-called skeptic groups about the value of complementary medicine especially homeopathy, which they say just "can't work".  I won't enter this joyless, energy draining debate that just goes round and round and ends up with insults being thrown about by both sides.  The only thing I will say is if you see insulting phrases or words being used then this surely says something about the quality of their argument.  As of today you are free to make up your own mind about trying something that "can't possibly work".

I had direct experience of homoeopathy in putting a stop to my sever seasonal hayfever. This made my life a misery every spring and anti-histamines left me feeling so tired I could hardly function. The homeopathic pollen I took worked from day one and I never looked back.  I believe this was due to the homeopathy and not a placebo effect but I can't prove it.

Being a holistic practitioner is not an easy path but as my mother was always telling me “nothing that's easy in life is worthwhile” I've always remembered that wisdom. My clients are mostly from word-of mouth recommendation: if I don't get results I don't have a business. Holistic therapists of all kinds are under regular attack from the media, so called "skeptic groups", conventional medicine, the EU and sometimes the government, but while I am able, I will continue with my work which is my greatest passion.


Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine (Brantridge Forest College 1994)
B.Sc. Biomedical Sciences (Liverpool John Moores University 1998)
Registered General Nurse (Grimsby School of Nursing 1982) NOTE: my nursing registration has now lapsed as I no longer work in any capacity as a nurse. This means that although I am a 'qualified nurse' I am no longer a 'registered nurse'.
Diploma in Homeopathic Healing (Galien College of Natural healing 1986)
Certificate in Acupuncture (Society of Biophysical Medicine 1986)
Certificate in Chinese Herbal Patent Medicine (Shulan College of Chinese Medicine 2006)
Certificate of Professional Development in Physical Examination (Liverpool John Moores University 2004)
SNHS Dip (Advanced Aromatherapy 2009) Aromatherpay massage


There has been malicious defamatory attempts to discredit me by claiming doctorate qualifications have been purchased off the internet (so called “degree mills”). I can confirm that all my qualifications have been properly studied for with assessment by various combinations of examination, dissertation and submission of case studies before certification has been awarded. I have never wished or attempted to present myself as a medical doctor and have always been proud of my professionalism as a qualified nurse and holistic therapist. I have been as open, honest and sincere as possible by listing my qualifications, date and awarding school for all to inspect as well as a resume of my professional background and experience. I believe this is relevant information for people to access so they can feel comfortable placing their valued trust in me as a practitioner.


Nursing specialities: Medical, Intensive Care Nursing, Coronary Care Nursing, Accident & Emergency Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Addictions & harm reduction.

Acupuncture tutor for The Society of Biophysical medicine

Developed electro-acupuncture stimulator equipment

Developed the "Black Box" electro-acupuncture protocols for addiction treatment.

Developed courses in elecro-acupuncture for substance misuse workers and health care professionals

In my practice I often see: arthritis • acne • allergies • anxiety • asthma • back pain • cancer – all kinds & only as complementary therapy • catarrh • children’s complaints • chronic fatigue • cramp and colic • depression • diabetes type II • eczema • fibromyalgia • hayfever • headaches • high cholesterol • indigestion & flatulence • insomnia • interstitial cystitis• irritable bowel • joint pain • leg ulcers • ME • menopausal complaints • migraine •painful periods • palpitations • prostate problems • psoriasis • recurrent urinary infections • rheumatism • sexual disorders • sinusitis • sleep disorders • stress-related complaints • urticaria 

The healing process becomes a journey of self-discovery as lost inner parts of the self are reclaimed, and with a combination of therapy and lifestyle changes you can re-balance your health to its fullest vitality and vigor. I take care on your initial visit to take a full consultation of your case so that all the factors are taken into consideration in formulating your treatment plan. Please contact me with any questions as I am here to be of help. Give me a call or go to my contact page and e-mail me now. I look forward to hearing from you.


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