Acupuncture is a means of controlling and balancing the function of the acupuncture meridians that flow on and through the body, depicted on the left as lines or channels. 

The traditional Chinese term for the energy that flows in these channels is 'Chi energy' and modern measurement techniques identify it as electrical in nature.

An analogy with health and illness can be made with a fully functioning electrical circuit and one that has malfunctioned, where repair to the circuit has to be made to acheive full function again.

Repair to the acupuncture meridan system is made by the insertion of ultra fine neeldles into acupuncture points on the skin surface. These points are found along the meridian channels and when stimulated by needling or other types of stimulus (see below) they correct the electrical flow by increasing (tonification) or decreasing (sedating) the energy levels at that point.

Electro-acupuncture is often given using specialist equipment that directs various frequencies into the body, either via wires attached to the needles themselves or via small electrodes may be used over acupuncture points instead of the more traditional needles.  Specific pulse rates or frequency settings are used to balance the acupuncture meridians and activate the endorphins (feel good hormones).

You can see a depiction of acupuncture meridians on the diagram above.  On the right hand side (back view of body) you can clearly see the route of the longest meridian on the body, the 'Bladder Meridian' which runs from the head, down the back of the neck right the way down the back (where you can see it bifurcate into 'tram lines'), over the buttocks, down the backs of the thighs, calves and finishes up on the outer side of the little toe. 

Imbalances in this meridian for example, are believed to be associated with headaches, backache, sciatica and neck pain. Using the correct waveform and frequency of pulse applied through the acupuncture point can clear the disruption to the electrical energy flow. If there are several symptoms associated with the same meridian it is said they are energetically 'linked'.

Here you can see the location of acupuncture points related to the urinary and reproductive system, processes within the pelvis as well as buttocks, upper thigh and the lumbo-sacral region. 

No claims are being made that acupunture can cure any medical condition.

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