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 Radionic Instruments


CARE ND is the most advanced powerful radionic system of its type in a small case 30L x 10W x 14H centimeters  Weight: 2kg  The CARE ND may be connected to any Windows computer and comes with a Windows 8 laptop with the CARE program installed. The CARE ND is the computer-supported Radionic system of the CopenLab range of instruments. The CARE ND consists of a master unit and the CARE software ready loaded onto a laptop computer. The master unit and the CARE software work interactively to give the most advanced and extensive features in any system of it's kind. Based on earlier developments by CopenLabs this fully computerized system has been improved on with an extensive range of new features.
DATABASE - There is a vast database of rates pre-programmed and arranged into categories for easy access. In case of specific requirements, you can enter your own rates and generate so called word rates, that is to say, pure terms that allow you to work with affirmations and product trade names etc. Radionic analysis is carried out using samples of substance (blood, hair, urine etc) in addition a photograph of the subject can be added via the software interface.

SEARCH FEATURE - There is an additional search feature which allows users to immediately obtain all the rates associated with a certain symptom or disease, for example 'Common Cold'  can be entered in the search box and the facility will bring up all rates that can balance the common cold. Rates can then be manually chosen or an auto-analysis scan performed. Chosen rates may also be added to the results obtained.
FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES are included when available for all users.
RADIONIC ANALYSIS - To perform analysis you may either use the available test templates or create your own templates from the rates in the database. To check therapeutic progress it is possible to load the results of already performed analyses and compare them with the newly obtained results. By way of reference testing, the appropriate homeopathic remedy, gemstone, essence, colour etc can be determined for a tested condition.

DIGITAL SCANNER - The built in scanner digitizes the sample and stores it on the hard drive of the laptop for easy reference , access and re-scan analysis as required.  Any substance can also be scanned into the system in order to expand the database by adding medications, individual pathological material (e.g. nasal secretions with sinusitis) or other Odic carrier such as graphic symbols or runes ect. Thus the CARE ND system can be expanded according to individual requirements.

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY MAKING (ELECTRONIC HOMEOPATHY) - The system can automatically propose appropriate homeopathic remedies, nosodes and/or essences etc. The potency can be freeely tested for and set accordingly through a full range of potencies in the D, C, and LM range. All tests can be easily stored and printed as synoptical tables. The rate stimulates the original tincture of the homeopathic remedy and the potency range is tested and set accordingly. There is a vast continual potency range up to 90MMMMM.
RADIONIC BALANCING - Radionic balancing makes it possible to balance a subject's energetic deficiency within precisely defined areas and eliminate interference fields by modulating the tested parameters onto the digitised witness sample. Doing this, so called balancing is possible at a distance from the subject which is why it is sometimes called broadcast therapy. The operator is in full control of the times and rates to be radionically broadcast per day.

PERPETUAL BROADCAST - A very important advance has been made to the broadcasting ability of the system: Up to 1000 different subjects can receive simultaneous broadcast with the device: that is to say up to 1000 separate subject broadcasts, each with different rates and programs all running independently of each other. This means that you can set up perpetual broadcast of rates to all of your clients a feature so often required for very chronic cases. 

AUTO RATE MONITORING - There is a further advance to the system that means you can safely leave the therapy programs running constantly. The system constantly monitors the balancing effect of each rate while broadcast is in operation.  There is two-way flow of information to and from the subject that allows individual rates within a subjects balancing program that no longer require to be broadcast to be discontinued or re broadcast as appropriate. The treatment is automatically adjusted by the system to allow for the changing state of the client. 
NEW EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY - All CopenLabs units now come with an external power adapter similar to a laptop computer which means it is simple to replace without having to return your unit if ever it fails.
HOW TO ORDER YOUR CARE ND - You can be confident of safe secure payment with PayPal by clicking on the PayPal 'Add to Cart' button below, check content of your shopping cart by using the 'Remove' button for all the items listed that you don't want to be included in your order; use the '+' and '-' signs to obtain quantity required. Please notice that you have the option of payment in full or half payment on ordering and half when ready to ship. When you have the correct order options in your shopping cart just press 'Connect to PayPal' to complete your payment.

If you have any questions about your order or about the any of the CopenLabs units please free free to contact me by phone or e-mail via the 'Contact' page of this site. I will be very happy to help. A quick guide to the CARE ND system can be seen here.

The CARE ND - Price $7500.00 - Shipping $100.00
The CARE ND - Half payment now, half payment on delivery


The CARE system upgrade (includes laptop with CARE installed) - Price $7000.00 - Shipping £200.00


The MkI2 is the most popular radionic instrument of the CopenLabs range. It offers the professional user all facilities, in a logical combination, with a few additional measures which simplify everyday practical work. Analysis can be performed at 12 different levels. The potency range of the potentiser has been extended with the installation of F-Range potencies as standard. The Mk12 has the EECS, electronic encoded card system, by means of which it is possible to store therapy programmes, formulae for complex remedies, patient details, etc. and use them for therapy or for remedy manufacture.

More than 6500 analysis parameters directly avcailable eliminating the need for test kits.
Analysis/balancing section with 12-level system and 20 rotary controllers for setting of rates.
More than 2600 homeopathic remedies directly available. Potency range (continuous): X1-X9000, C1-MM10 and MM10 to MMMMM90 (F-range). Optional: LM1-LM9000.
Transfer mode for direct transfer potentising of specific informational content of any desired substance.
Fast 10-second remedy manufacture time as standard.
Rapid EECS card system (3-second program time for storage/cancellation of cards).
Large Input and output cups (100g/100ml).
Copen 7-pole interface for connection of add on accessories (X4).

Standard package contents:
1 - Mk/12/S/3/MA Instrument
1 - Mains power adapter
1 - Scanner probe
1 - Pendulum
1 - Operators manual
1 - Rates Book for Radionic Instruments
1 - New Homeopathy, Rate Book for Radionic Instruments
10 -EECS cards

The MK/12/S/3/MA - Price $2700.00 - Shipping $100.00

The MK/12/S/3/MA with CARE system added - Price $10,000.00 - Shipping $200.00

The ASLD95/PR2/SB Selectable Computer and Potentiser is the result of continuous research and development. It is the highest specification instrument of the CopenLabs range and combines various systems within one instrument. It offers a fully equiped analysis/balancing section with 15 rotary dials for setting of rates. The integrated radionic analysis section provides you with rapid radionic analysis of more than 6500 parameters on 12 levels which means no test kits will ever be required.

The ASLD95 gives you a potentiser for continuous adjustment of potencies from X1 to X9000 and C1 to MM10. Our F-range potencies can be obtained as an optional extra. The heart of the ASLD95 is the memory bank of our ASL potentiser. This gives you the option of permanent storage of specific informational content of more than 7000 remedies in the internal memory of the unit. The stored information can then be modified for potency as desired and imprinted onto a carrier substance within seconds.

The Auto Simile Finder is also related to ASL potentisers. This enables you to have an automatic search performed by the ASLD for a medium on the basis of a patient witness sample and imprint it on a carrier substance. The ASLD95 also provides pre-programmed information concerning more than 2600 single homeopathic remedies and more than 200 complex remedies. Thus the ASLD95 is the logical redevelopment of the well known MK12 and the ideal supplement to bioresonance instruments and EAV systems.

More than 2600 single remedies and 200 complex remedies in the internal memory.
More than 7000 individual remedies and 795 complex remedy memory positions for user programming.
Radionic analysis and balancing with 15 rotary controllers for setting of rates and 12-level analysis system.
Automatic simile selection on the basis of a patient sample witness (Auto Simile Finder).
Transfer mode for direct transfer/potentising of the specific sample enabling the transfer of informational content of any desired substance.
Fast 10 second timer as standard.
Electronic Encoded Card Storage system (EECS) for rapid card strorage of informational data.
Copen 7-pole interface (x4) for connection of add-ons.

Standard package contents:
1 - ASLD/95/PR/2/SB Instrument
1 - Mains power adapter
1 - Scanner probe
1 - Pendulum
1 - Operators manual
1 - Rates book
1 - Book 'New Homeopathy'
10 - EECS cards
The ASLD/95/PR2 - Price $4600.00 - Shipping $200.00

The ASLD/95/PR2 with CARE - Price $11,000 - Shipping $200.00

The MK12 Portable Unit

The MK/12/P/MA is the portable version of the MK12. It provides you with exactly the same features as the MK12 but it is housed in a portable casing. The MK12P is the ideal instrument if you have to travel or if you have limited space available.

Standard package contents:
1 - MK/12P/MA Instrument
1 - Mains power adapter
1 - Scanner probe
1- Pendulum
1 - Operators manual
1 - Rates book
1 - Book 'New Homeopathy'
10 - EECS cards

The MK/12 Portable - $2600.00 - Shipping $100.00


The Electronic Encoded Card System (EECS) - In order to make it possible to achieve permanent strorage of radionic information - and thus to simplify therapy - as long ago as 1987 Bruce Copen Laboratories introduced a new technology in the field of radionics and electronic homeopathy: the EECS system. The EECS card works in much the same way as a computer 'memory stick' in that you can store all infomration employed in radionics. This information may be the data for a patient witness sample, data for a complex homeopathic remedy or a balancing program.

On one card you can store up to a maximum of 15 different remedies or rates and cancel them at any time. The storage process takes no more than 3 seconds. Cards can be processed in all Copen instruments with EECS and also interchanged between instruments. The EECS broadcasters enable radionic therapy to be given by the very simple and time-saving process of inserting a card into a slot and can be operated by anyone and you will find it indispensible to your practice.

10 blank EECS cards are supplied as standard with every instrument that is equiped with an EECS section (apart from EECS Brodcasters). Blank cards are available in packs of 25, 50 or 100. Select your choice in the shopping cart you see when you click the PayPal 'Add to Cart' button below.

25 EECS Cards - Price $95.00 - Shipping $5.00
50 EECS Cards - Price $175.00 - Shipping $5.00
100 EECS Cards - Price $340.00 - Shipping $10.00


The Personal EECSpocket broadcaster model PAB-1

More The PAB-1 opens up a new form of radionic therapy based on information that is programmed onto an EECS card and is then radiated to the environment (approx 2m). It is very simple to operate by inserting a programmed EECS card into the PAB-1. The EECS card itself is programmed by any CopenLabs unit that has the EECS facility (MK12 or ASLD95). Suitable forms of information include homeopathic remedies, organ rates, protective rates, gemstones, complete balancing programs etc. The PAB-1 operates on the basis of a persons own body energy and requires no battery. Its small dimensions make it ideal for a pocket or hand-bag and thus it is ideally suitable when traveling.

Dimensions (cm): 11 x 8 x 0,8 Weight: 82g PAB-1 Order No: S-07198

PAB-1 - Price $70.00 - Shipping $5.00

The Radionic Broadcaster is a new concept in radionic balancing. The broadcaster operates with pre-programmed EECS cards onto which the radionic balancing program has been stored. By this means there is no need for settings to be implemented on the broadcaster. The EECS cards can be programmed using any CopenLabs unit that has the EECS system (MK12, ASLD95).

The double broadcaster offers space for two EECS cards and two patient witness samples. This gives the capacity for independent radionic treatment of a maximum of two clients. The units are supplied in multiples of two i.e. 2-fold, 4-fold, 6-fold, 8-fold, 10-fold broadcasters, each allowing independent broadcast of radionic information to multiple clients. The broadcaster is simple to use and can be operated by practitioners or even by the patient. EECS broadcasters broadcast only, you must program EECS cards on a radionic computer designed for this purpose. Direct treatment sockets for hand-held electrodes can be added as an optional extra.


EECS Broadcaster 2-Card - Price $780.00 - Shipping $100.00

Optional Connection Sockets for 2-Card Broadcaster - Price $60
EECS Broadcaster 4-Card - Price $1100.00 - Shipping $100.00
Optional Connection Sockets for 4-Card Broadcaster - Price $120.00
EECS Broadcaster 6-Card - Price $1500.00 - Shipping $100.00
Optional Connection Sockets for 6-Card Broadcaster - Price $180.00
EECS Broadcaster 8-Card - Price $2100.00 - Shipping $100.00
Optional Connection Sockets for 8-Card Broadcaster - Price $240.00
EECS Broadcaster 10-Card - Price $2400.00 - Shipping $100.00
Optional Connection Sockets for 10-Card Broadcaster - Price $300.00


MWO - CopenLabs Multiple Wave oscillator - Professional
The original “Multiple Wave Oscillator” goes back to 1934. Engineer Georges Lakhovsky, born in Russia and living mainly in France, created the foundations for this instrument by virtue of his work on the cell as an electrical oscillating circuit. In common with the founder of radionics, A. Abrams, Lakhovsky assumed that diseases were primarily an electrical phenomenon. Disease can only arise if the cell has changed with regard to its electrical characteristics.

Abrams, with his oscilloclast, was trying to irradiate the patient with electromagnetic waves to compensate for these variations in cellular electric characteristics. Lakhovsky also designed an instrument which generated an electromagnetic alternating field between a generator and a resonator. But, unlike Abrams, he generated several sinusoidal signals of varying frequences and overlaid them (hence the name “Multiple Wave Oscillator”). It was then possible for the patient to be exposed to this alternating field for therapeutic purposes. Lakhovsky’s MWO was an instrument with extensive indications.

In Bruce Copen’s book “Radiobiology Therapy”, you can find further information about MWO principles.The MWO developed in our laboratories uses the principles developed by G Lakhovsky and combines them with knowledge from radionics. In common with the Lakhovsky MWO, the Copen MWO consists of two units: a generator and a resonator. On the reverse of the generator, it is possible to set radionic rates on 15 rotary controllers. This means that specific information can be transferred and specific balancing of more than 6500 different parameters.

The resonator is connected by a cable to the generator and is set up opposite the generator such that the two antennae are opposite each other. (50 cm to 2m distance depending on the application).

The field which arises between the two antennae penetrates any living tissue and reactivates the cell structure. The intensity of the field can be precisely set with a rotary controller.

In common with our radionic instruments, the MWO has a 6-level system in order to enable fine balancing.

Via the AUX interface (Copen 7-pole), the MWO can be connected with one of our radionic instruments (e.g. MK12) or potentisers. Thus it is also possible for homoeopathic remedies, EECS programmes, etc. to be in-corporated into the operation of the MWO.

For treatment, either the entire body of the patient or areas or parts of his body are placed between the resonator and the generator. You will find further information in Dr Bruce Copen’s book “Radiobiology Therapy”. In conjunction with the MWO Broadcast Unit, it is also possible to perform radionic balancing on the basis of a patient specimen.

  • Universal instrument for radiobiological therapy
  • Over 6500 parameters
  • AUX interface to Copen radionic computers and potentisers
  • 15 rotary controllers for adjustment of radionic rates and 6-level system (for treatment of the auric, emotional and mental levels)


CopenLabs MWO Professional - Price $2300 - Shipping $200.00

- This unit requires no prior knowledge and is simple to use. It can be adapted to individual conditions by means of a selector. The instrument itself operates fully automatically. It provides suppression for a spherical volume surrounding the unit to a radius of 15 meters. When placed in a central position, in an average room sized property, of up to 3 floors, the instrument is capable of providing suppression for the whole property. Larger properties may require further TP9's to be located about the property to provide the required suppressions. Loading from natural disturbance field (radioactivity, geopathicalogical loadings, etc.) is also increasing due to technical interference fields. The PSI/TP9/MN (or TP9) helps you to protect yourself against such effects. In this context, the natural background radiation (such as geomagnetic waves, for example) is still fully received, whilst technical and natural interferance fields, such as x-ray, radioactivity and geopathological disturbance zones are suppressed at fine level,

To operate, the TP9 needs to be connected to the mains power supply. If it is intended that the TP9 is used constantly or for long periods of time, we advise the use of a timer switch to switch the unit on and off at set times to allow the instrument to reset and cleans itself.
Operating modes (areas of suppression);
1 - Electro-Smog 50Hz to several GHz
2 - Ionizing Rays (TV & computer)
3 - Combination of 1 & 2
4 - Pathological & Geo-pathological Radiation (negative terrestrial radiations)

5 - Higher level of Pathological Radiation
(electro-sensitive people)
6 - Maximum suppression - all levels

Dimensions (Cm): 30x16x6 Weight:1.6kg
Standard Package Contents:
1 - PSI/TP9/MN Instrument
1 - Mains power adapter
1 - Operators Instructions

Radiation Absorber Model PSI/TP9/MN - Price $950.00 - Shipping $100.00

EVP/CC/80/8 POTENTISER The CC/80/8 model is a pure potentiser. For production of complex remedies, it is equipped with four memories for storage of individual ingredients. The CC/80/8 model offers you 8 memory positions. The rate index which is supplied as standard provides you with more than 2600 homoeopathic remedies for simulation at any time. In the transfer mode, you can copy/potentise the specific informational content of any desired starting substances and imprint them on the corresponding carrier material. The instrument is equipped as standard with a 10-second timer The CC/80/8 is incorporated in a practical case which is available in wine red, moss green, dark blue or black.


* More than 2600 homoeopathic remedies directly available by rates (without test kits)
* 12 rotary controls for setting of rates
* 4 memories for production of complex remedies (CC/80/6: six memories, CC/80/8: eight memories)
* Potency range (continuous): X1-X9,000, C1-MM10 Optional: LM1-LM9,000 &127; Transfer mode for transfer/potentising of the specific informational content of any desired starting substances
* Duration of manufacture: 10-seconds
* Input cup and output cup (50g/50mlg)
* Copen 7-pole interface for connection of add-ons (x2)
* Organs & Symptoms Rates Book
* Materia Medica Book
* New Homeopathy Rates Book

Measures: (cm) 38x29x10
Weight: 4 kg

The EVP/CC/80/8 POTENTISER - Price $1349.00 - Shipping $100.00


CopenLabs Accessories

The Large Twin Cup Attachment is compatible with all instruments with integrated EVP (apart from the MK2). With this attachment, you can perform a single radionic programming operation for up to 1.6 kg (1600 ml) of a carrier substance. The two cups can be used either together or separately. Depending on the timer system, the material can be programmed within 10 seconds.

Twin Cup - Price $900.00 - Shipping $100.00

Large cup
- In the same way as the TWIN CUP, THE LARGE CUP is used for formulation of larger quantities of a carrier substance. With the LARGE CUP, you can program up to 0.8 kg (800 ml) of a substance or liquid.

Large Cup - $500.00 - Shipping $100.00

Large Plate Electrode
A large imprinting plate For use with all Copen instruements - MK, ASL, CARE ND
Stainless steel imprinting plate, ideal for radionically imprinting large quantities of carrier substance (Approx 20 Ltrs)
Can also be used as an input device when connected to instruemtns with the CARE ND, MK, or ASL units. Dimensions: 30x30x30cm

Large Plate Electrode - Price $300.00 - Shipping $98.57
Temporarily Unavailable

After sales support: I have used Bruce Copen instruments in my practice for the past 25 years and I would be pleased to support users of CopenLabs instruments and share my knowledge and experience of radionics with other CopenLabs radionic instrument users. The Facebook link on the right is a Copen radionic intrument users group.
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