ASLD95/PR2/SB Unit

A Selectable Computer and Potentiser: the ASLD/PR2/SB unit is the result of continuous research and development. It is the highest specification instrument of the CopenLabs range and combines various systems within one instrument. It offers a fully equiped analysis/balancing section with 15 rotary dials for setting of rates. The integrated radionic analysis section provides you with rapid radionic analysis of more than 6500 parameters on 12 levels which means no test kits will ever be required.

The ASLD95 gives you a remedy maker/potentiser for continuous adjustment of potencies from X1 to X9000 and C1 to MM10. Our F-range potencies which give you the ability to make potencies up to 90MMMMM can be added as an optional extra.

The heart of the ASLD95 is the memory bank of our ASL potentiser. This gives you the option of permanent storage of specific informational content of more than 7000 remedies in the internal memory of the unit. The stored information can then be modified for potency as desired and imprinted onto a carrier substance within seconds.
The unit is fitted with the Elecrronic Encoded Card System (EECS) for storage of up to 15 rates that can be used on other units including the PAB-1 personal broadcaster.

The Auto Simile Finder is also related to ASL potentisers. This enables you to have an automatic search performed by the ASLD for a medium on the basis of a patient witness sample and imprint it on a carrier substance. The ASLD95 also provides pre-programmed information concerning more than 2600 single homeopathic remedies and more than 200 complex remedies. Thus the ASLD95 is the logical redevelopment of the well known MK12 and the ideal supplement to bioresonance instruments and EAV systems.


  • More than 2600 single remedies and 200 complex remedies in the internal memory
  • More than 7000 individual remedies and 795 complex remedy memory positions for user programming.
  • Radionic analysis and balancing with 15 rotary controllers for setting of rates and 12-level analysis system.
  • Automatic simile selection on the basis of a patient sample witness (Auto Simile Finder).
  • Transfer mode for direct transfer/potentising of the specific sample enabling the transfer of informational content of any desired substance.
  • Fast 10 second timer as standard.
  • Electronic Encoded Card Storage system (EECS) for rapid card strorage of informational data.
  • Copen 7-pole interface (x4) for connection of add-ons.
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