Accessories for the CopenLabs range of instruments

The Large Twin Cup Attachement


The Large Twin Cup Attachment is compatible with all instruments with integrated EVP (apart from the MK2). With this attachment, you can perform a single radionic programming operation for up to 1.6 kg (1600 ml) of a carrier substance. The two cups can be used either together or separately. Depending on the timer system, the material can be programmed within 10 seconds.



The Large Cup Attachment


In the same way as the TWIN CUP, THE LARGE CUP is used for formulation of larger quantities of a carrier substance. With the LARGE CUP, you can program up to 0.8 kg (800 ml) of a substance or liquid.


Case colour

Large Plate Electrode

A large imprinting plate For use with all Copen instruements - MK, ASL, CARE ND
Stainless steel imprinting plate, ideal for radionically imprinting large quantities of carrier substance (Approx 20 Ltrs)
Can also be used as an input device when connected to instruemtns with the CARE ND, MK, or ASL units. Dimensions: 30x30x30cm

Large Plate Electrode - Price $300.00 - Shipping $98.57

MWO-Broadcaster Unit

Once you have successfully integrated the MWO into your treatment concept, it gives you the opportunity of using it for radionic balancing as well (on the basis of a patient specimen). The MWO is then a fully fledged radionic instrument. The MWO Broadcaster is connected to the generator and to the resonator by means of the two cables which are supplied, and is placed in the field between the two units. The patient specimen is then laid on the chrome plate on top of the MWO Broadcasters. The MWO is then operated in the usual way, and is switched on.
MWO Broadcaster Unit - Price $375.00 - Shipping $75.00
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