RADIATION ABSORBER MODEL PSI/TP9/MN - This unit requires no prior knowledge and is simple to use. It can be adapted to individual conditions by means of a selector.  The harmful effects of electro-smog ans geopathic stress is becoming more recognised. Electrosensitives are having to find areas off grid in order to live symptom free lives.

The instrument itself operates fully automatically. It provides suppression for a spherical volume surrounding the unit to a radius of 15 meters. When placed in a central position, in an average room sized property, of up to 3 floors, the instrument is capable of providing suppression for the whole property. Larger properties may require further TP9's to be located about the property to provide the required suppressions.

Loading from natural disturbance field (radioactivity, geopathicalogical loadings, etc.) is also increasing due to technical interference fields. The PSI/TP9/MN (or TP9) helps you to protect yourself against such effects. In this context, the natural background radiation (such as geomagnetic waves, for example) is still fully received, whilst technical and natural interferance fields, such as x-ray, radioactivity and geopathological disturbance zones are suppressed at fine level,
To operate, the TP9 needs to be connected to the mains power supply. If it is intended that the TP9 is used constantly or for long periods of time, we advise the use of a timer switch to switch the unit on and off at set times to allow the instrument to reset and cleans itself.
Operating modes (areas of suppression):

1 - Electro-Smog 50Hz to several GHz
2 - Ionizing Rays (TV & computer)
3 - Combination of 1 & 2
4 - Pathological & Geo-pathological Radiation (negative terrestrial radiations)

5 - Higher level of Pathological Radiation
(electro-sensitive people)
6 - Maximum suppression - all levels

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