EVP/CC/80/8 POTENTISER The CC/80/8 model is a pure potentiser. For production of complex remedies, it is equipped with four memories for storage of individual ingredients. It is quite simply one of the most versatile homeopathic remedy makers you will find and is of the usual high CopenLabs quality construction.

The CC/80/8 model offers you 8 memory positions. The rate index which is supplied as standard provides you with more than 2600 homoeopathic remedies for simulation at any time.

In the transfer mode, you can copy/potentise the specific informational content of any desired starting substances and imprint them on the corresponding carrier material.

The instrument is equipped as standard with a 10-second timer The CC/80/8 is incorporated in a practical case which is available in wine red, moss green, dark blue or black.



* More than 2600 homoeopathic remedies directly available by rates (without test kits)
* 12 rotary controls for setting of rates
* 4 memories for production of complex remedies (CC/80/6: six memories, CC/80/8: eight memories)
* Potency range (continuous): X1-X9,000, C1-MM10 Optional: LM1-LM9,000 &127; Transfer mode for transfer/potentising of the specific informational content of any desired starting substances
* Duration of manufacture: 10-seconds
* Input cup and output cup (50g/50mlg)
* Copen 7-pole interface for connection of add-ons (x2)
* Organs & Symptoms Rates Book
* Materia Medica Book
* New Homeopathy Rates Book


You can purchase your EVP/CC/80/8 POTENTISER unit here

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