The Radionic Broadcaster

6-Fold Broadcaster
6-fold Broadcast Unit
The Radionic Broadcaster is a new concept in radionic balancing. The broadcaster operates with pre-programmed EECS cards onto which the radionic balancing program has been stored. By this means there is no need for settings to be implemented on the broadcaster. The EECS cards can be programmed using any CopenLabs unit that has the EECS system (MK12, ASLD95).

The double broadcaster offers space for two EECS cards and two patient witness samples. This gives the capacity for independent radionic treatment of a maximum of two clients.

The units are supplied in multiples of two i.e. 2-fold, 4-fold, 6-fold, 8-fold, 10-fold broadcasters, each allowing independent broadcast of radionic information to multiple clients. The broadcaster is simple to use and can be operated by practitioners or even by the patient. EECS broadcasters broadcast only, you must program EECS cards on a radionic computer designed for this purpose.  Pre encoded cards can be provided by request.

Direct therapy via hand electrodes
Direct treatment sockets for hand-held electrodes can be added as an optional extra. This is an important tool for acupuncturists or therapists who want to give direct treatment or combine it with other therapy such as relaxation sessions. Tretment can be given via skin surface electrodes to acupuncture points via hand held electrodes.

Acupuncture protocols can be encoded onto the EECS cards: up to 15 points can be encoded onto a single card and remedies such as homeopathic or flower essences may be included. Please contact me directly to find out more about the range of cards available.
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