CARE C11 Radionic Software


The CARE system is the digital radionic system developed by CopenLabs. Copenlabs was started in 1947 by Bruce Copen. Bruce Copen was a leader in the field of radionics and was the first to develop a system of storing rates which was used in the ASL range of instruments to make formula homeopathic remedies.

Further developments of this discovery lead to the addition of the auto-simile finder: for the first time the radionic instrument could discover the patients simile autiomatically. In 2000 Copen Laboratories developed the first Virtual Interactive Biofield Analyser (VIBA) and a fully automated system, the Scope4 radionic software was introduced which controlled a specially designed unit, the MARS III.

The digital system unique to CopenLabs is the radionic software package called CARE C11. It comes ready loaded onto a laptop for use with the CARE ND or another unit fitted to work with CARE C11.

The CARE ND unit is the dedicated fully automated unit which is driven by the CARE C11 software, in addition, the CARE C11 software can be added as an optional extra to some existing units, namely the MK12 and the ASLD units. The latter two options would be useful for those for whom the manual functionality is important. For those that do not require the manual selection of rates via dial settings then the CARE ND is the unit that will deliver all your radionic and homeopathic remedy making requirements.

You will require no other radionic or remedy manufacture device as the capacity of the system is vast. In fact some practices club together for collective use of this sytem or hire out broadcasting capability to other clinics.

The CARE ND unit is beautifully made to the highest standard typical of those that Bruce Copen himself insisted upon. The unit is quite compact and has two 100g /100ml cups for digitalization input of patient witness information, raw substance, remedies etc. and one for remedy manufacture.

There are output sockets that take accessories for making larger amounts of remedy and output sockets for direct treatment or attachment of other devices to the output of the unit. The unit has switches and LED lights to indicate the various functions of the unit. It has a vast analysis function that you can have total control of or have the option to run completely automated scans.

The categories of rates for analysis and broadcast can be focused on a particular disease or symptom and you can focus broadcasts on specific areas or systems of the body. The highest specification of all the other units in the range are incorporated into the CARE C11 system such as auto simile, LM potency range, and the 12 levels it also includes colour analysis and treatment. But the greatest advantage to most radionic practitioners is the systems multi broadcast feature.

Building on the innovation of Bruce Copen who was the first to develop radionic instruments that could store radionic information, with the CARE system you can simultaneously store and broadcast to up to 1000 clients information each receiving their own individualized radionic broadcast. With this system you can set broadcasts to run permanently if required, a great feature for any difficult chronic cases. The system will select rates and broadcast output automatically according to individual biophysical changes and response to therapy: the radionic information is a two-way process with CARE. This means only the rates that are required will be broadcast and the system will adapt to the changing condition of the client by way of it's auto monitoring capability.

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