Your Tattoo

Tattoos are more popular than ever before and the skill of the tattooist having turned your body into an especially beautiful and possibly unique work of art, your skin must now be respected as such. After getting the perfect tattoo that you’ve been wanting for so long, it’s only natural for you to want to ensure that it looks amazing for the rest of its life.

RENEW YOUR TATTOO DESIGNS: Whilst there are several things you can do to ensure that your tattoos remain looking fresh, clear and vibrant, many people are now beginning to turn to using essential oils in order to maintain the long-term appearance of their ink. I have a particular interest in improving old tattoos and bringing back life colour and definition to the ink.

My Two-part Tattoo Protocol

I have long been interested in anti ageing treatments and INDIBA is top of my list of therapies which rejuvenate the cells. Your tattoo will slowly fade throughout its life simply because it’s getting older. Nothing can stop ageing but INDIBA offers a solution by acting directly on some of the effects of ageing.

Benefits of INDIBA I have developed a special tattoo protocol based on a combination of two therapies, namely hypothermia (INDIBA) and essential oil massage. You must remember that a tattoo will only look as healthy as the skin that it’s on.

INDIBA is a powerful therapy which rejuvenates skin by the following action:

  • Energising the body and boosting circulation, oxygenation and fluid drainage
  • Balancing cells and promoting regeneration
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Stimulates collagen renewal
  • Reverses dehydration effects creating healthy, rejuvenated, radiant and firmer skin that glows.
  • Improves skin tone.
  • Improves delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells

Essential Oil Massage: The second part of my tattoo protocol involves the healing rejuvenating effect of essential oils. For centuries, many different civilizations all around the world have been using essential oils in order to maintain good health and to treat various medical conditions and ailments, while massage helps drtoxify the tissues and cells which contribute to skin ageing.

The oil extracts in my formulation of extracts are packed with vitamins and contain great healing properties. A common trend amongst nearly all essential oils is that they usually smell very strongly of the plant in which they come from. The best way to benefit from essential oils way is by applying them to a new or old tattoo in order to promote healing and to improve the visual appearance of your highly-prized ink. For my tatto protocol I use my oil formulation in combination with aromatherapy massage which improves the circulation and detoxifies the skin the underlying tissues.‚Äč

Several properties found within many essential oils are extremely desirable in both aftercare and also the long-term conditioning of your tattooed skin.

A tattoo will only ever look as healthy as the skin that it’s drawn on, and therefore anything which helps support healthy skin will also help your tattoo continue to look good in the long-term.

Essential oils help to combat a range of issues that can leave your skin (and therefore your tattoo) looking aged and dull. Below is a selection of most valuable benefits of using essential oils on a tattoo:

Fighting Dryness and Irritation

Oil infusions that include extracts of plants such as Argan, Almonds and Sunflower help to combat dryness and re-hydrate/soothe your skin.

This is especially useful to help in the initial healing phase, and also for older tattoos if you generally suffer from very dry and/or sensitive skin.


Natural antimicrobial properties contained within extracts of fruits such as Bergamot Oranges and Lemons help to disinfect and sanitize new tattoos, helping to keep the skin clean from harmful germs and bacteria that can cause nasty infections if you’re not careful.

Long Lasting

Essential oils remain soaking within the skin for a long time, meaning that you don’t need to keep continuously reapplying the oils in order to reap the benefits. A simple morning and night routine will be more than fine.

Easy Application

Essential oils have brilliant absorption properties meaning that a quick rub over your tattoo should ensure that the oils sink nicely into the area so that they can begin to work their magic.

Brings Out the Color

As the oils soak into the tattoo, they will settle within the colours and make them look much deeper and more vibrant. Many people have had success making their 10 year old tattoos look like they did the day they were made after applying essential oils to their ink.

Whilst the oils will help to improve the condition of your skin (and therefore tattoo) over the course of several weeks of continuous application, the way that the oils react with the colours of the ink will help to ensure that you see a noticeable improvement in the vibrancy of your tattoos almost immediately.

Smells Nice (Bonus)

Whilst this won’t help with the appearance of your tattoo, it’s an added bonus that most essential oil mixtures generally smell beautiful.

Whilst artificial scents added to many over the counter products can cause irritation to a new tattoo, the natural scents contained within most essential oils shouldn’t cause any noticeable side-effects.

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Tattoos?

While there are a large selection of essential oils that can be very beneficial if applied to your skin/tattoo over a period of time, a mixture of these oils would be the optimum way of achieving a much better outcome. I use energetically imprinted sweet almond oil imprinted with the magntic codes for vitamin E, C, D and collagen, with essentila oils of frankincense, bergamot and cold pressed argan oil.

Tattoo Placement

There are various locations on the body where tattoos will generally fade much quicker than if they were placed on other areas.

Any areas of the body that commonly rub against other body parts will generally be places that tattoos will fade quicker on. This includes places like in-between the fingers and inner thighs/biceps.

Likewise, if you get a tattoo in an area that commonly rubs against anything else (like clothing for example) that tattoo will generally fade at a faster rate. Tattoo’s on top of the feet is a great example here. Constant rubbing between the feet and socks/shoes will, over time, cause the tattoo to fade slowly until it begins to become noticeably apparent.

If the tattoo ink is made from low-quality components, or if it’s diluted too much by an inexperienced artist, it will not usually last as long as high quality, highly concentrated ink.

The sun is the undisputed champion of tattoo fading. Nothing will fade a tattoo as badly as the sun if you’re not careful enough when you go outside.

As skin ages it tends to dehydrate

Drinking plenty of water will also help with this. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will ensure your skin gets the nutrients it needs to remain looking young, while frequent exercise will help to flush harmful waste away from the area.

By trying to avoid the contributing factors above, and regular oiling and massage of your skin with my special formula you can prevent tattoo fading as much as possible, but you must be prepared for the fact that nothing will stop your tattoo from fading slightly just as it naturally ages (and as your skin naturally ages too).

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