What is Radionics?

Radionics is a healing technique in which our natural intuitive faculties are used both to discover the energetic disturbances underlying illness and to encourage the return of a normal energetic field that supports health. It is independent of the distance between practitioner and patient. Radionics can be used to help humans and animals and in agriculture by means of radionic instruments which amplify and 'broadcast' the healing signal to the subtle energy field of the patient.


Digital radionic system in operation

An 'energy link' to the patient is required called a 'radionic witness' which can be a lock or hair or a spot of blood. These work fine but are vulnerable to contamination which can cause errors.

Using the advanced techonology of the CopenLabs Advanced Radionics Energetics (CARE), a digital photograph is used as a witness on the theory that all matter is connected via a holographic energy network, so frequencies of one part resonate with the rest of the whole part wherever they are in location, which is why healing can be carried out at a distance.

This operates just like in Quantum Physics, Interconnectedness, Entanglement or "Action at a Distance".  Effectiveness is independent of the distance between practitioner and patient. Distance is not a limitation: the patient can be with the practitioner, can be connected to a machine, or can be many miles away if it used in 'broadcast' mode..

Basic to radionic practice is a disciplined dowsing, or radiesthetic skill. Experience has shown that in trained hands radionic treatment can be helpful in a wide range of conditions because radionics balances the subtle fields of the body. Radionics like homeopathy balances the person not the disease.

Radionics may be used alongside other therapies and to support conventional medicine. It does not replace nor interfere with conventional medical care but can supplement it. A radionic analysis does not diagnose in the physical sense but reveals deeper energetic imbalances in the aura or etheric field of the patient.

Radionics can be used to treat not only people but animals, plants and the soil wherever in the world that need exists, and with no depletion of material resources. Radfionic balancing can be transmitted to humans, small animals, horses, plants and the soil wherever they are in the world. A good quality digital photograph is the best form of radionic witness as just like a hologram the image stores the information of the subject. This is not a supernatural phenomena but something that dowsers and radionic practitioners have proved for themselves. The light which forms a photograph creates a crystalization of the energy matrix of the subject.

Leys lines which can affect the occupants of houses that they cross or other noxious energy affecting buildings such as e-m radiation or geopathic stress can be made harmless by radionics by using a birds eye view phtograph of the house and land as a radionic witness. House occupants are often able to sleep better and feel a greater sense of well being after radionic broadcasting to property affected by geopathic stress. This approach can also help with eletrosensitivity.

Where Did It Originate?

The principles of radionic therapy were first discovered, in the early 20th century, by an eminent American doctor, Dr Albert Abrams. It has since been developed by numerous other practitioners. Radionic apparatus has been extensively researched and developed by leading authorities in the field such as De La Warr and Bruce Copen. Copen was the first to develop a way of storing the radionic information called “rates”.

The British founder of CopenLabs Ltd is Dr. Bruce Copen (1923-1998), who was a pioneer and mastermind in many respects. Among other things, he brought radionics to Europe. He developed numerous procedures that have become established as industry standard today, such as electronic homeopathy or automatic testing. In the 1990s, Copen succeeded in the development of a device which fully automatically generated from a fundus of 2600 stored homeopathic remedies the appropriate means for the patient in the right potency. Computer-based systems were developed based on the Copen tradition. The transition from classical radionics to Bioresonance with Quantum Response technology was accomplished.

The CARE Radionic broadcast unit

Rates are the tuned settings of the circuit within radionic apparatus. More recently computerised systems like the CopenLabs CARE system have been developed. These systems vastly increase the capacity of radionics to rebalance and harmonize the subtle field for healing work. The CARE is a computerized system consisting of both software and hardware working together and are central to my holistic practice.

The storage capacity of computers means that many more balancing rates can be 'broadcast' for therapy and the therapy can be continuously given, a real advantage for dealing with chronic cases. It also makes storing the witness information much easier because a phtographic witness is being used

The photographic 'witness' is unaffected by risk of contamination as hair or blood spots therfore reducing possibility of error. The file should be electronically sent as an e-mail attachment, a system that allows me to help clients from all over the world.

Commonly asked questions:

What is a radionic analysis?
A radionic analysis is the process by which a practitioner finds out all the factors that are involved in the manifestations of the illness and disease the patient presents with.

A radionic analysis is NOT like making a medical diagnosis. In a medical diagnosis, the aim is to try and find out a name for the particular symptoms-signs complex the patient is having. Only then is treatment given according to the name of the condition.
In a radionic analysis the aim is not to categorize a condition by way of a diagnostic term but to find out ALL the factors that have contributed to the clinical presentations of the patient. Such factors could reside in the body physical, the etheric body, the emotional body, or the mental body. They could even have their domain outside of these.
Contributing factors to illness: Some factors that could predispose a person to an illness include the environment; negative energy fields coming from the earth (e.g. geopathic stress); negative emotions, traumas, etc. These are in addition to other common factors well known to us.
Often times, factors that neither the patient nor the practitioner suspected might show up during an analysis as the underlying cause of an illness. The aim of the radionic practitioner is to isolate these factors, prioritize them, and then embark on their correction or "balancing the patient" as we popularly refer to this procedure. Priority correction or harmonization is the key to a successful radionic healing.

What form does a radionic analysis take?
A radionic analysis may take different forms depending on the school of thought the practitioner trained or belongs.

In early form of radionics, the medical model was used. Here, the patient's illness was identified in medical terms and the radionic analysis was geared towards discovering what could be done by way of 'treatment'. Many practitioners are still following this old school method. It is not unusual to hear such practitioners still referring to their treating this condition or that condition.

In the early 70s, a new concept was introduced into radionics by David Tansley, D.C. That concept took into account man's subtle anatomy. The etheric, astral (or emotional), the mental, and causal bodies came to be incorporated into radionic analysis by some practitioners. Analysis of the chakras also was added. No doubt, this considerably extended the scope and efficacy of radionics. I take both factors into account in my radionic analysis using the CARE system.

What type of remedies are used in radionic healing?
Radionic practitioners do not use drugs in the sense it is done in conventional medicine. Being natural healers, they work with energy in the form of potentized remedies that carry etheric imprints of the therapeutic substance. These remedies are not chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Because of this they do not have the toxic effects seen in conventional medicine. Rremedies used in radionic practice include homeopathic medicine, flower essences, gem elixirs, color essences, planetary remedies, vitamins and minerals, and tissue salts. Potentized conventional remedies may also be used.

The remedies, being potentized energy patterns, do not exert their effects according to the quantity taken but rather according to the frequency of administration. Thus one drop is as effective as one gallon, provided they are taken at the same time. I usually broadcast remedy rates radionically which means a physical vial of remedy is not required but in some cases it can be useful.

How can a photograph be used as a radionic witness?
Having established that we are dealing with energy patterns and frequencies, we can also accept that a photograph is a frozen record of the light frequencies necessary for making it. The CopenLabs CARE system drops the digital file of the client into the radionic software from which the individuals radionic rate called the Personal General Rate (PGR) is obtained. The PGR is a string of numbers that represent the subtle energy of the person as a whole rather like a numerical hologram where a part contains the whole. This numerical 'code' is used to carry out scans against the vast database of rates of diseases, organs, cells, tissues and remedies to ascertain a resonance between them. If this is achieved the rates are electronically superimposed on the rates of the client by the radionic software to 'send' healing to the client: a process known as radionic broadcasting.


How does radionics work?
Previously the answer to this question was "we don't know", and we left it at that. Today researchers in energy medicine, and other sciences are beginning to investigate the 'hows' of radionics and are coming out with pretty good information and observations. But this information is not from the so called double-blind and rigidly controlled studies that have ever been the bedrock of conventional western sciences despite their divergence from the way normal life is lived.
Please note, this is not an attack on western scientific methodology. It's just that its thinking is confined to the third dimension. There are other dimensions of reality unbeknownst to conventional science (see quantum physics and quantum entanglement). This field of physics is in some ways 'catching up' with radionics in that it is recognizing the principle of action at a distant.
You cannot use a three dimensional parameters to investigate a four dimensional reality. Radionics happens to fall into this category. It is beyond what conventional science can grasp as of now.

What is the cost for radionic therapy?

The cost of analysis and one month broadcast is £40.00 per month of continual radionic broadcasting. It is my intention to keep my fee's very low so that healing is accessible to all. If an initial consultation is required the first months fee is £65.00 to include the consultation which can be in person or via telephone or skype. Homeopathic remedies can be sent via post for a small extra cost. I usually receive payment by sending a paypal invoice for easy online payment. I am now using radionics for clients all over the world as distance is no longer a barrier.

What How to proceed: If you wish to try radionic healing please contact me with details of your problem including as much of your health profile as possible. I will require a good quality digital full body phtograph for a radionic witness, preferably wearing light clothing against a neutral background (not essential). What is most important is that there should be no other living thing in the phtograph either plant or animal. Usually radionic broadcasting will start the same day or the day after therapy application is received.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact me: you may use the form below.



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